Forum Title: venting problem??
Bought this house a year ago, plumber call twice. Home warranty a no go....home inspection blah blah...... So this wasn't a problem when we bought the house. Things seemed a little off with this bathroom, but now the bathroom is not working. Toilet out of commission completely. I have fought this for a while now. picture attached. toilet won't flush worth a "crap" and the tub sucks out the p-traps and toilet gurgles. What should I do with what I have?
Category: Plumber Post By: NEIL GRAVES (Bloomington, IN), 05/13/2016

what the hell is that hooked up to the pvc pipe? it looks like an R&R job to me, ripout and replace nothing is correct

- LORRAINE DAY (Milpitas, CA), 09/04/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo what the hell is that hooked up to the pvc pipe? It's a rubber reducer that connects the new pvc to the underground pipe. Yeah I bought this house and the inspector totally missed the fact that this bathroom is a plumbing nightmare. I am trying to get home warranty to honor and repair this, but they are dodging me. I'm thinking of giving the inspector a call. With all the inspections and warranties I have had on this new place I would think this would be the kind of thing that would be covered. I just don't have the time or money to fix this R&R. Crapola

- DARREN MANN (Crystal Lake, IL), 09/15/2017

Man that is hard to see. It looks like it was an issue before with the in line clean out and new pvc

- EDITH WHEELER (Pasadena, CA), 09/15/2017

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