Forum Title: Sump Pump Discharge to Drywell?
Here's a fun one - Bought a new construction house from an architect and investor (a flip) - passed inspection and received COO from the town, all permits closed. So you would think all is good, correct? Well, went to do some routine maintenance on sump pump in basement and found it was discharging to the sanitary sewer - big issue. The piping was done in a way that it was hidden - essentially you couldn't tell by looking at it - it pumps behind a finished wall, where it connects to the sewer line and comes back out. Anyhow, assume for a moment that I was a duped/stupid first time home buyer and need to fix this myself.... what can I do? House is in a small lot in an urban/suburban area. No storm sewers out front. Pump is in the front corner - with garage to one side and front of the house on the other. I don't want to pump water onto my front lawn (it kicks off regularly in heavy rains), so I am thinking my only option is a drywell, but I've heard different opinions on whether this causes more problems. Is a drywell the right route to go here? How big should it be?
Category: Plumber Post By: TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 06/30/2016

run it to the street. around here we run a 2'' line to the curb. core drill the curb.

- RUBEN LOWE (Commerce City, CO), 09/24/2017

First you will have to determine what kind of soil you have to drain all this water into. If it's clay, forget it. If it's sand or gravel, it might work. Depends on how much water your trying to get rid of. I'm thinking that if the pump only comes on when it's raining, that's when the ground is already saturated.

- JAY MCCOY (Cape Coral, FL), 09/25/2017

Thank you for the quick response. We are in the northeast and I believe others have dry wells in their lawn so I think the soil is ok. But of course I would check. We also have a high water table. After a big rain my pump goes off about once every 10 minutes but then subsides pretty quickly.

- ALICIA MCCOY (Appleton, WI), 10/08/2017

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