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Apologies in advance-I'm not a plumber and barely handy. My water source is a 20gpm water well with a 2hp pump and pressure tank. I need to pump water to my 1700 sq ft house that is only used on the weekends. I need to pump a few gallons a minute to maintain a 200 gal water tank (w/ float valve) 1200 ft away in a pasture, and I think I'd like to run a consistent flow of water (24/7) to a large new pond 300 ft away. Everything is pretty much lined up in a straight line and no big elevation changes. I'm getting puzzled looks from my guy helping me, and recommending all manual valves to control water flow. Is this a tricky set-up to get water to these 3 areas? Is there a way to set this up without turning manual valves every time we step out there? I'll take any thoughts/suggestions-thanks!
Category: Plumber Post By: GERALD MURPHY (St. Joseph, MO), 06/27/2016

He/she said it was from a water well, not city water. No idea what size pond they are talking about though.

- TRACY SILVA (Bonita Springs, FL), 09/18/2017

You do not fill a pond with city water, the water is treated Usually, a pond is filled by rainwater runoff from the surrounding area. and it takes about 3 years to fill a pond after it has been dug out run a 1.5'' pvc schedule 40 line with Honeywell,1'' zone valves to control flow

- CAROLE DANIEL (Lake Charles, LA), 09/23/2017

I'm not a plumber either but I live on a farm and have a well setup with water going to various parts of the yard. It's all manual shutoffs, but I wonder if you could set up a timed thing with something like a sprinkler system? I've never tried it. With my setup, there is a main shutoff and then there are three other shutoffs-- one is to the exterior going down to the barn area, another is to the other outside areas, and then there is one to the house. They are all in the area with the well and pumps. Generally, if water isn't being run and there aren't any leaks, the pump will stay off until something needs water. Not sure how the pond setup would work. Are you planning to get a float or something to have it fill the pond when it gets low? If you're running all new lines, it would not be a bad idea to have a separate shutoff for the hot water going to the house so you can shut off just the hot water or just the cold water independently of one another.

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 09/30/2017

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