Forum Title: Pipes rattling when water is running
Hoping that someone can help with a frustrating problem. I have a small house, built on a concrete slab, so all the plumbing is in the attic and walls. I've replaced the PB tubing with PEX over the years, and have never had the pipes rattle when the water is running at any faucet or commode. Two months ago, I had a leak at the clothes washer, and replaced the last of the PB in the walls with PEX, and have had the noise ever since. I've tried turning the water off at the main, draining all the pipes best that I could, and turning the water on at one location at a time (starting with the both the closest and farthest to the main. The noise runs along the whole length of the main, including the wall where it enters the house. Thanks very much in advance for any assistance.
Category: Plumber Post By: SYLVIA HARPER (Asheville, NC), 03/09/2016

Thanks very much for the replies! I've realized that the title I used is misleading but I can't change it. The rattling occurs whenever the water is running from a faucet, bath, or commode, not just when it is turned on. Would water hammer from the washer act like that? And would it affect every faucet/valve? I found a video on Youtube that is similar to my situation, although a bit worse. It happens at about one minute into the video: YouTube He says that he eliminated the problem by turning off the water, and draining it from the lowest point in the house. I have several on the same level, and have tried it with each of them, but no luck.

- KELLY BELL (Kannapolis, NC), 09/08/2017

I can think of a few things that may be causing it. First being the pipes not secured properly. If it happens when the water is turned on and off it could be a condition of water hammer which would require the installation of water hammer arresters. The only other thing I can think of is if there is something stuck in the line/lines which is causing turbulence as the water runs through it.

- ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 09/28/2017

Washing machine solenoid valves are popular water hammer creators try arrest its on the valves

- REBECCA WRIGHT (Baytown, TX), 10/05/2017

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