Forum Title: Do I really need a clean-out for my sewer pipe?
Recently, we hired a plumber to camera our sewer pipe from our crawl space. The plumber discovered the following: Between one of our bushes and the municipality's sewer, our sewer pipe slopes downward and then slopes upward. Our sewer pipe should not be sloping upward at all. The pipe is sloping downward and then sloping upward, due to the shifting of the ground over time. This sloping is causing some sludge to come down and stay down. The sludge has trouble going up and into the municipality's sewer system, due to gravity. The plumber gave us two options: 1) Replace the section of pipe between the bush and the municipality's sewer. The new pipe would slope appropriately. This process would cost at least $10000 and would take 2 days. 2) Install a clean-out outdoors. The clean-out can be used to rod the sludge out of the pipe and into the municipality's sewer. Installing a clean-out would cost only $3500 and would take only 1 day. The plumber recommends the cheaper option, option 2. $3500 seems to be too high for a clean-out. Why is the price so high? Is it because the plumber will be digging a 7-foot hole, in order to install the clean-out? Also, do we really need a clean-out? My understanding is that the clean-out is supposed to make the rodding process easier. But, even without the clean-out, the sewer pipe can still be rodded from the crawl space. So, is it a good idea to spend $3500 just to make rodding easier?
Category: Plumber Post By: SONIA FITZGERALD (Napa, CA), 08/17/2017

Do you expect them to dig the hole by hand? In both prices they are most likely going to have to use a mini excavator. The cost for rodding from the yard i would think would be cheaper than someone getting in the crawl space and rodding from there. I would say bite the bullet and just get it fixed right and replace the section of pipe. As far as filling the ditch in your crawl space, I would buy an easy tool and spend a Saturday moving dirt on your belly.

- HOWARD GRAY (Grand Prairie, TX), 09/29/2017

You do need a clean out at the house were it comes out from under so you don't have to crawl under house to rod. One at curb should be optional but included in repiping. By the way it only took my plumber 1day using a small backhoe for digging 7 ft deep replacing 4pipe 10-12ft, 2 man crew. I can't believe the bid you got. It is rediculous. My job was only 2 years ago. Pensacola, Escambia, Florida. To install a new 4 C.O. Where my 3 next to house was to make rodding easier was only $100. Depth was only 3 ft. God I hope you haven't signed a contract with the guy. If he's not a crook instead of a plumber than I'd hate to live where you do. Cost of living must be outrageous.

- JUAN COLLINS (Strongsville, OH), 10/04/2017

You have a very bad bid. Get another immediately. I just paid $900 fo similar problem including clean out. Replaced about 10 ft of clay pipe with pvc tied into county sewer at curb installed clean out with about 7 ft riser. This clean out at curb is only good for see if stoppage is on your side or municipalities side. Your municipality may require it. There should not be an additional charge for this C.O. Where are you at, what city, state? This plumber is taking advantage big time. Call some one else quick.

- KIMBERLY HARRIS (Wyoming, MI), 10/05/2017

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